English Solutions is the premiere firm to assist your company in gaining a competitive edge by identifying, applying, and securing government contracts. English Solutions’ team has the knowledge, experience, and expertise to guide both new and seasoned companies through the intricate and complex processes involved in winning government contracts. Let English Solutions help you be successful.

What makes English Solutions Inc. a leader in their field? Their President, a former Contracting Officer and Director of Small Business Programs, has a stellar 36 year government career working with decision makers in the contracting arena at the highest levels of government. Her experience and exposure affords her keen insight into what Contracting Officers are looking for. English Solutions has won clients over $10 million in federal contracts.

The importance of positioning your organization correctly to be considered for government contracts cannot be over-emphasized. Knowing and understanding federal government customer needs is your key to winning government contracts. In fact, the more you know about existing and potential government customers, the more likely you are to be successful.